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20 May
Hygiene, a healthy body, self-care - these are the words that describe our daily hourly processes in front of the bathroom mirror. Routine is not easy, sometimes you get bored with the same actions from day to day. But nothing can be done. Perfect, women's hygiene and men's hygiene are significantly different from each other. Most men spend their money exclusively on shower gels and shampoos, while girls and women even spend their last savings on being beautiful forever.
A lot of beauty treatments every week, a huge number of jars and bubbles that have covered all your shelves and cabinets in the bathroom and room. Females are not an easy task, they love themselves more than anyone, and therefore pay more attention to themselves than anyone else.
Of course, gray everyday life can be brightened up with various purchases or fun going to the cinema with friends, but only one thing remains unchanged - taking care of your body. In this case, it is better to devote most of your time, effort and money. Dozens of years later, your body will say “thank you” for the fact that you are so kind to it and value it. The more you invest in yourself, the more you get back in return.
An important fact is that the bulk of people who buy scented bathroom items do not even think about how harmful it can be to the skin and, in general, to their own health. Therefore, we entice you to put your health first, and only then satisfaction in the form of buying various things for the soul and body. We bring to your attention body care products that are famous for the fact that they are absolutely not harmful to your health and to the health of your family. They contain a minimum of various additives, namely:
  • carcinogens;
  • dyes;
  • flavors.
In addition to the products for your soul that you use in the bathroom, we also have a perfumery section, where you can find the best scent for your everyday use. Chic, unobtrusive, gentle, heavy, evening - in a word, any perfumery in Ukraine, you can find on the virtual shelves of our message board My Jooj in the department
As you know, perfume is just a little of what you can satisfy your lady of the heart, so we can also offer you cosmetics. This is a refined and painstaking work of every self-respecting lady, but if you are her attentive fan, then you probably know how to please her. Cosmetics Kiev, allows girls to feel more confident, luxurious and elegant than ever without it. It is also a good opportunity to show your creativity and embody your fantasies in the form of original makeup on your face. Basic makeup skills are an important part in every girl's life, so you need to be careful with this.

Professionals are the number 1 people in our life

Speaking of creativity, if you dream of working as a professional hairdresser or you already are, then for sure from time to time you are looking for a good supplier for your professional accessories. On the pages of our bulletin board, you can find the best equipment for hairdressing and beauty salons at an affordable price.
Tool kits, salon decor items, beautician chairs and couches and more on our message board. Since we work with clients throughout Ukraine, you have an excellent opportunity to order equipment for hairdressing and beauty salons in Ukraine inexpensively online.

Regardless of age, all girls and girls love cosmetic preparations for personal care with all sorts of interspersed with something unusual: tastes, smells, additives, dyes and much more that catches their eyes in the supermarket.